About Zero Power

Zero Power is a bot written in Java and uses the JDA library
And is actively being developed

Commands and Features

Zero Power has some quite useful commands

help - shows the command list
info - information about Zero Power
setprefix - sets the prefix for ZP
serverlog - provides an overview of server events
antilink - Deletes invite links to avoid advertising
blacklist - blacklists certain channels from the logs
newnotify - automatically notify you if a brandnew account has joined your server!
votechannel - allows for votechannels in your server
autoclean - Cleans any unicode characters from a users nick or username
userinfo - Shows userinfo
serverinfo - Shows serverinfo
emotes - shows the server emotes
votetop - Counts the upvotes in a votechannel
votebottom - Counts the downvotes in a votechannel
prune - cleans the channel
kick - Kicks the specified user from the server
ban - Bans the user from the server
clean - cleans a users name